Knock Knock Knock
Author: Tomonori Taniguchi
For iPhone 5/5s/SE
*Philips hue is required for lighting effects.

In a big wooden house in the middle of a forest many animals live happily together. I wonder what kind of animals are inside. Let’s knock on the door and go play with them.

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Artists Profile

Tomonori Taniguchi
Illustrator / Picture book author
Born in Osaka, Japan in 1978. He graduated from Kanazawa College of Art with a major in Japanese painting. He aims to create picture books which are able to communicate his experiences and impressions with people from all around the world.

Awards: The 8th Shinpu-sha Picture Book Contest - special judge prize.
The 1st Fuji Television Be-picture Book Grand Prix - superior prize.
Composer / Artist
You are pleasantly drawn into his music by a sensitivity that allows you to feel his intended deep qualities, and by the improvisational performance of the piano and electronic instruments. This musician has many different faces: he has created "EATBEAT", an event that blends music with cooking by creating music from the sound of food being eaten and prepared; he has provided music for fashion brands; and has also created blackboard drawings under the name "CHALK BOY".

Story: Tomonori Taniguchi / Koji Kimura / Kazuo Uratani
Illustration: Tomonori Taniguchi
Sound: henlywork

Other Languages

Kon Kon Kon (Japanese)
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