Have You Seen My Crayons?
Author: Shinsuke Kitomi
For iPhone 5/5s/SE
*Philips hue is required for lighting effects.

“When I woke up this morning, my special crayons were gone. Let’s go find them.” The adventure takes place in a blue ocean, in a golden desert, and in a dark green jungle. The crayons are hiding in each location. Let's search for them while getting hints from various animals.

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Artists Profile

Shinsuke Kitomi
Illustrator / Graphic designer
Born in 1982, he is an illustrator and graphic designer. His main line of work is the illustration and design of advertisements, magazines, and music CDs. He has a large number of personal exhibitions as well as an online picture book: “Anteater Office Workers” http://www.kitomi-tuzzle.com
Yuko Ikoma
Since a young age, she has composed ensembles using musical boxes, foot-operated organs, toy pianos, recorders, and more. Her main album works include “Suite for Fragile Indoor Orchestra” and “Erik Satie Performed on a Hand Crank Musical Box”. She has also been active as an accordion performer in the band “mama!milk”. Her achievements include soundtracks for art pieces, stage productions, movies, and online content.

Story: Shinsuke Kitomi / Koji Kimura / Kazuo Uratani / Yoshiko Dokyu
Illustration: Shinsuke Kitomi
Sound: Yuko Ikoma
Translation: Mayumi Mori

Other Language

Kureyon No Kakurenbo (Japanese)
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*Shipping available only in Japan
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